You must be logged in to post an add listing.

  1.  Click “Post an Ad” on the menu bar, in the top right corner. This will open the listing an ad page.
  2. Fill in all of the information accordingly for the item you are selling and your contact information. (IMPORTANT: Make sure to choose the correct category because it cannot be changed later)
  3. Once everything is correctly filled out, you will need to choose the ad listing price option. (Image below shows what needs to be checked in order to proceed)
  4. Next click the “Preview” button. This will then show you a preview of what your ad listing will look like.
  5. If you would like to go back and edit your listing more, you can click the “Edit Listing” button, otherwise, if it looks how you want you can click the “Publish Listing” button.
  6. Here is where you will pay the one time listing price for posting an ad.
  7. You can either choose to pay with PayPal or Stripe – Credit Card Processor. (See “Payment” Section for more info)
  8. Choose which payment option you would like to proceed with and fill out the according information. 
  9. Then click “Place Order”
  10. Your payment will then be processed and your ad listing will go live shortly after. 

IMPORTANT: Please keep the processing page open until the payment is completed to ensure a successful transaction and automatic listing of your ad post. 


  • PayPal is one of the most secure ways to pay for anything on the internet, which is why it is our suggest form of payment.
  • To Pay using PayPal choose the PayPal option during the payment process of Listing an Ad.
  • You will need to fill out your name and email on our website and will then be automatically redirected to PayPal to securely complete the payment process.


  • Stripe is one of the most used credit card processing services, used by millions worldwide.
  • If you do not have a PayPal account, and just would like to pay using your credit card, then the Stripe payment option is for you.
  • To Pay using Stripe choose the Stripe option during the payment process of listing an Ad.
  • You will need to fill out your name, email, and then your Credit Card information.


  1.  Go to
  2. Hover over “Account” in the main menu.
  3. Click the “Login” button.
  4. On the Login page, fill your login information and click the “Login” button.


  1. Hover over “Account” in the main menu.
  2. Click the “Logout” button.
  1.  Go to
  2. Hover over “Account” in the main menu.
  3.  Click the “Register” button.
  4.  On the Register page, fill in all of your information and click “Register”
  5.  You will then be automatically logged in. 
  6. You will also receive an email with your new account info.
  1. Go to
  2. Hover over “Account” in the main menu.
  3. Click the “Login” button.
  4. Now on the Login page, click the “Lost Your Password?” button under the “Login” button.
  5.  On the Lost Password page, enter the email address associated with your account and click “Get New Password”
  6.  You will then be sent an email with a link to reset your password.
  7.  Click on the link in the email, and you will be able to create a new password.

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